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Learn Quran Reading

Quran Reading with Tajweed (Naazra-e-Quran) is the very basic program specially designed for beginner students.

Quran Reading with Tajweed

Quran Reading with Tajweed has immense importance in the preservation of the Quran and its authority, as correction and beauty of the words leads to the production of perfect meanings.

The first step towards Quran reading with Tajweed is to learn the foundation course that is traditional Qaida (Practical Rules of Quran Reading). It enables the (student) Qari to recite the Quran with Tajweed unintentionally; a kid of 4-7 years can read with Tajweed knowing nothing of Tajweed rules. We have many students especially kids, got started reading the Holy Quran properly with fluent manner after the completion of the basic course. AlhamduliAllah.

Learn Tajweed-ul-Quran

Reciting the Holy Quran with proper pronounciation is called Tajweed ul Quran. Learn how to Recite Quran in beautiful tone like a Qari.

Online Quran Learning Class

Islam-ul-Quran Online Quran classes are conducted day and night frequently by online Quran teachers to deliver advantage of internet resources for Muslim kids in order to read Quran with a beautiful accent while staying at home, Because in numerous countries most of the Muslims parents have to fret with such plight in getting Quran tutor at home for their kids. Online Quran learning facility is a versatile opportunity to start Quran classes for children at any time while living any region of the globe than making a long journey to pick up and drop off the children in Quran institute, Meanwhile Quran tutor in mosque can’t pay particular attention in teaching holy Quran on each kid because of having a number of students at same time.


Learning the Tafseer is very important Without Tafseer As when you do not do know the meaning of the words.

Quran Learning For Kids and Beginner

Islam-Ul-Quran Online classes is an easy and useful way for children and new Muslim adults to the start Quran lesson at any pliable time when they want to learn Quran with tajweed online along live tutor. Online Quran learning presentation had been systematizing since 2001 worldwide from Pakistan to assist Muslim kids who can’t have a smooth quranic educational system to begin Quran classes with tajweed. At the present time, a lot of online Quran academies have come into existence to deliver Quran teaching service all over the world and Tadeebulquran.com is one of these centers of Quran learning to proffer assistance in Quran learning lessons online with proper tajweed rules for beginner Muslim kids and adults via Skype.

Our Vision

Islam-Ul-Quran Academy is leading Online Quran Academy which is committed to exclusive Quran courses and remote learning of Quran. We are devoted to opening the new avenues for the promotion of remote Quran tutoring and Islamic education. The basic aim of this Quran academy is to let Muslims Learn Quran Online and to make a religious future for our next generation.
We have made it possible to teach you the Quran and religion at your home. We have highly qualified tutors for Skype Quran Classes at any time you need.
We are proud to charge the lowest possible fees from our students for Quran courses. We have both male and Female Quran Teachers both are competitive, courteous and friendly. We offer classes for male, female students and kids. Female tutors are recommended for the sisters, daughters, and kids.
We give the best opportunity to the students to Learn Quran Online with the convenience of their time. As compared to other online Quran academies we are renowned for the consistency and flexibility.

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100% Satisfaction

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction To All The Learners.

Multiple Langauges

Teaching Services are Provided in Multiple Languages

Qualified Teachers

Qualified, Experienced and Trained Male / Female Tutors.

Speech Sessions

We Also Spare out Some Time To Train Students For Islamic Speeches.


24 / 7 / 365 Friendly Customer Support is available.

1 To 1 Lessons

Lessons are Delivered 1 To 1 with Full Attention & Devotion.


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